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Since our inception we have been renowned for creating and delivering effective, efficient solutions to the construction and civil engineering industries - this would not be possible without a total commitment to excellence in technical support. Our sales, design and support teams provide the high levels of technical expertise and practical experience essential to ensuring the success of every project we are involved with.

From your initial enquiry we advise on product selection and working methods. We take you through system design to the final application of our products and technologies, with precise delivery schedules, method statements and operative training. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, providing the support necessary for smooth progress and optimum productivity.

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Permanent applications or active anchors are those with a design bonded free length and are subject to post tensioning after installation. These also have a service life of >100 years. Passive anchors are fully grouted tension micropiles, subject to no post tensioning and are only “activated” when there is movement within the ground. With this application in a permanent situation, corrosion factors need to be used. Either a surface coating or a calculation using sacrificial corrosion allowance. Permanent anchors have a bonded length and a free length which uses an HDPE tube over the designed depth. Permanent anchors have a bonded length, and a free length which uses an HDPE tube over a designed depth. Forces are then transmitted to the ground via the bond length. These are prestressed to control the movement of the wall during the various construction phases.
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