Telecom Towers & Steel Structures With Micropile Foundations

Project Challenges and Background

The current role out of improved communication and signals via 5G, has seen the need for telecommunication towers to be modified, upgraded, and replaced. The improvements are required to accommodate the larger structures, the increased loads and any additional instrumentation used.

Ischebeck TITAN’s collaboration with FLI Structures; one of the UK’s leading suppliers of towers, platforms and grillages - has resulted in the use of our self drilling micropiles as foundation solutions for these structures. The solutions are being employed on sites and locations where the access is restricted, ground conditions are challenging, and where the certainty of installation is critical to the programme and overall success of the project.

The Ischebeck TITAN Solution

Safe removal of existing foundations can be expensive, especially on sites with restricted access, such as sub stations and telecom towers, with construction often being carried out in hard-to-reach places with minimal plant and materials.

Solution: TITAN self drilling hollow bars (40mm & 52mm diameter) can be used as both vertical and raked micropiles when applied to telecom tower projects. The solution offers assurance and security of installation, especially in overburden and difficult ground conditions. The certainty provided by this solution, coupled with the reduced plant and shorter programmes, proved critical in selecting TITAN micropiles as the solution.

The Ischebeck TITAN system is extremely versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate most loads and types of ground conditions, whilst working under compression and tension loads. The use of Ischebeck TITAN self drilling micropiles allowed the designer to take advantage of the high performance and high yield loads of our bars, and the wide range of drill bits available for varying ground conditions.


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