Ischebeck TITAN Company History

Managed by 5 generations of the Ischebeck family.

  • 1881

    Ischebeck TITAN Is Born

    Blacksmith Friedrich Ischebeck purchases a small drop forge and tools factory specialising in vice production in North Rhine, Westphalia.

    Also in 1881 – The first photophone message was sent over 200 yards from one building to another, by Alexander Graham Bell
  • 1912

    Ernst Ischebeck builds a malleable cast iron foundry for his own production. The foundry still manufactures cast iron products, also in small and large batches for external customers.

    Also in 1912 – The zip was invented
  • 1930's

    Ischebeck becomes involved in civil engineering for the first time. Production of the first steel trench struts. Later, trench shoring systems in steel and aluminium are added to the product portfolio.

    1930's – Invention of the electron microscope and radar
  • 1950's

    Ischebeck expands its range of products to cover buildings and structures. Firstly, telescopic props in steel, in the meantime pioneering modular formwork systems in aluminium.

    1950's – Discovery of the DNA double helix structure and first broadcast of colour TV
  • 1980's

    Advances in Geotechnical Engineering

    The first Ischebeck geotechnical solutions appear on the market. Having begun with TITAN grouted anchors, the core product today is the innovative TITAN micropile.

    1980's – The introduction of the compact disc, shifting the emerging computer industry
  • 1990

    UK Company Set Up

    On November 16th 1990 Ischebeck TITAN Ltd officially registered its Formwork and Ground Engineering divisions within the UK. Ischebeck TITAN Ltd has, in 30 years has evolved into an international group of companies.

    1990 – The birth of the World Wide Web
  • 1990's

    Expanded Further into Europe

    International expansion through subsidiaries and distribution partners. Initially just within Europe, later with representatives all over the world.

    1990's – The invention of Google search engine, use of text messaging
  • 2005

    Expansion into Middle East

    Ischebeck TITAN Ltd supplied a major portion of the formwork and falsework to the new Dubai Airport project. During this involvement the full potential that the Middle Eastern region offered was quickly realised and in 2006 Ischebeck TITAN Middle East (LLC) was launched.

    2005 – First Apple iPod was showcased
  • 2006

    Acquisition Of Ischebeck Inform

    February 2006 saw Ischebeck TITAN make the domestic acquisition of Cambridgeshire based Inform UK Ltd. Since 1982 Inform have been successfully supplying formwork plus a comprehensive range of consumable concrete and reinforcement accessories both in the UK and overseas.

    2006 – Launch of YouTube and the Tesla Roadster electric sports car
  • 2016

    Expansion into Australia

    Ischebeck Titan Australia was founded in 2016 and is a wholly owned subsidiary business of Ischebeck Titan UK Ltd. Operating from Brisbane, ITAus is supplying Formwork and Ground Engineering solutions across Australia.

    2016 – Biodegradable food packaging becomes a viable option, including 6-pack rings
  • 2019

    New Headquarters

    Due to consistent business growth in recent years and in line with expansion plans, the Ischebeck Titan Head Office recently moved into a new purpose-built 64,000 sq ft headquarters. The site comprises of a 57,000 sq ft distribution centre and 7,000 sq ft office, housing Senior Management, Marketing, Operations, Finance and HR departments. Read more

    2019 – Scalable growth of lab-grown, plant-based alternatives
  • 2020

    30th Anniversary Celebrations

    An unprecedented, unusual and challenging year for the world, Ischebeck Titan celebrates its 30th anniversary year, on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    2020 – The world pauses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic