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We supply self drilling hollow bars that can be applied as Micropiles, soil nails, ground injection anchors and many more innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and our ability to look after the needs of our customers.

Our geotechnical engineering products and systems have been successfully used on a multitude of applications around the world, providing the optimum solution for piling, shoring, tie-back solutions, soil nailing, slope stabilisation, basements, foundations and de-watering prevention.

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TITAN hollow bars can be used in a variety
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TITAN Hollow Bars

Slide Pile Head The Pile Head is the point where the pile is connected to the structure. Consisting of a plate, with a designed dimension and two spherical collar nuts. Whether for sheet piling anchorages, as piles under reinforced concrete foundations or for stabilising slopes with soil nails and nets/shotcrete, we can provide the right head for every application. Hollow Steel Bar The ribbed steel tube made from fine-grain structural steel functions as sacrificial drilling rod, injection tube and reinforcing bar. The low number of components guarantees effective working and flexible adaptation to site and ground conditions. Coupling Nut The coupling nut can accommodate both repeated loadings and dynamic load changes - made possible by the central stop. Tightening against the central stop also achieves an optimum transfer of the blow energy during drilling. Centralizer The centralizers are fitted ahead of each coupling nut and are used to maintain the direction and stability of drilling. The centralizer also ensures that a consistent encapsulation of grout around the bar is achieved whilst drilling. For permanent applications sufficient grout cover is of paramount importance in permanent corrosion protection. Sacrificial drill Bit Titan drill bits all have lateral venturi holes that allow the grout to fill up or flush a borehole whilst drilling. Ranging from hardened clay bits to carbide button bits, Ischebeck Titan Ground Engineering have a range of drill bits to suit most ground conditions.

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complies with EN1537 and BS8081

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micropiling complies with EN14199


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    nailing complies with EN 14490
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