Gedling Road Project

Project Challenges and Background

The Gedling area of Nottingham experiences high levels of road traffic throughout the year, causing congestion and lengthy journey times, particularly at peak hours. Nottingham County Council sought to relieve this pressure on the local highways, partnering with Balfour Beatty and consultant Atkins, to construct a new bypass from the A612 to the east of Nottingham towards the B684 in Mapperley. Critical to the success of the project and construction programme, was the bulk excavation of the new road cutting, and the stabilisation of a 160m section of the slope.

To overcome the slope instability, Consultant Atkins Global, selected a permanent soil nails solution as the most economic and efficient application to provide the slope stability required. After construction was complete this was to be faced with an A393 galvanised mesh and vegetated bags to ‘green up’ the embankments.

Ischebeck TITAN engaged with lead consultant Atkins Global, on the scheme. Providing technical advice, 2D images and model specification information on the best use of self-drilling anchors. Critical to this design was the protection of the soil nails against corrosion to the bars. Ischebeck TITANS unique approach uses the encapsulation of grout to protect the plain black steel bars from corrosion, this is achievable due to the unique and controlled cracking pattern offered by the TITAN hollow threaded bars. This is confirmed in the GmhB National Technical Approval (German Institute of Building Technology).

For additional corrosion protection at the head detail stage of the construction, a galvanised head detail was specified. This method when applied to the top bar, located at the soil / air interface, the most corrosive area, provides a practical basis for increasing lifespans but minimises additional cost.


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