Online Geotechnical CPD Seminars

Ischebeck Titan have a suite of online based geotechnical CPD seminars, that cover both applications and solutions for ground engineering schemes using soil nails, ground anchors and micropiles.

Our CPD seminars generally last around an hour and are carefully constructed so that current information of how and when our anchors can be used in various environments is effectively delivered. Providing and explaining our cost effective solutions, their benefits and how these can improve variable ground and slope conditions.

The live seminars are delivered online at a time to suit you and your team .

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    • Andrew Lowes, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
      Thanks very much for a really interesting and practical presentation – much appreciated. There were some really interesting insights (and benefits of the Ischebeck Titan bars), particularly the grout cover estimations and the grout corrosion protection allowance approach.
      Andrew Lowes, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
      Sweco UK Limited
    • Alan White Design Ltd
      Big thanks to Colin Thompson at Ischebeck Titan GE for hosting a great CPD webinar - we had the whole team tuned in and learned a lot!  
      Alan White Design Ltd
      Alan White Design Ltd, Kilmarnock, Scotland
    • JAMES BINNS, Director
      The presentation was concise and informative to illustrate the use of Titan bars to a wide application of ground engineering solutions.    
      JAMES BINNS, Director
      Byland Engineering Limited
    • GERARD O’SULLIVAN, Chartered Engineer
      Glad that we went ahead with the seminar. It was very informative and the timing was great with the release of the software.  
      GERARD O’SULLIVAN, Chartered Engineer
       David Kelly Partnership

    Our Online Seminars

    Seminars are delivered online by our highly experienced ground engineering sales team, via Microsoft Teams. An example agenda for the seminar (as per recent Network Rail presentations) includes:

    1. Introduction to Ischebeck Titan GE - Support and applications
    2. Design and technical assistance - Corrosion Protection and Sacrificial Loss
    3. Micro piles / Grouted ground anchors - applications
    4. Soil nails - applications
    5. Drilling techniques and Case studies
    6. Smart Titan – online design software

    The content of the seminars may vary and can be tailored to be more focused on specific areas where possible.