Rock & Roof Bolts

An Innovative Solution for Tunelling & Mining

Ischebeck Titans range of hollow bars used in soil nails, ground anchors and micropiles has now been extended to be used in tunnelling applications. With such diversity of the hollow bar, the range of bars sees a new range used to strengthen tunnelling applications and rock formation both new and old. Ideally suited to both resin and grout, the roof bolt range will add more value to your project. Specific drill bits, bars and components will give added value and with our knowledge and expertise, we can deliver your project.

System/ Product Information

Our innovative Rock Roof Bolts can be supplied with or without an internal static mixer. The bolts are easy, quick and safe to use and install with fast production times.

Resin setting times are only a few minutes, meaning the full bolt pick ups load immediately. The bolts can be used for rock bolts along with mesh and can be secured with either resin or grout

Applications Information

The system has been develop to work safely in tunnels and confined spaces and is an ideal solutions for:

  • Deep and shallow mining
  • Galleries
  • Caverns
  • Rock face stabilisation

One step application for various applications

The rock roof bolts system brings more safety for operators and owners and ensures 100% correct operation of the fortification and support elements as it allows safe and efficient operation from a remote position

An unlimited volume of resin fills and seals the annulus and all fractures and fissures. The curing process is practically immediate and after seconds, the roof bolt can transfer loads.

TITAN Benefits

  • Immediate stabilisation in mining
  • Safe and efficient operation from a remote position
  • Coupling allows easy extension of roof bolts
  • The curing process is instant and after only a few seconds, the roof bolt can transfer loads.

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