Rock Bolts

Self Drilling, Caseless Installation

Rock bolts are short, low capacity reinforcement, comprising a bar fixed into the rock and, if required, tensioned to a predetermined load. The Ischebeck Titan rock bolt consists of a drill bit attached to a hollow steel tendon, which is drilled, installed and grouted at the same time, allowing ground improvement, increased productivity and economics.

Rock bolts are commonly used throughout the civil engineering and tunnelling industries (especially NATM). They are used to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. Within the civil engineering industry, they are used for fixing rock netting, cliff/slope stabilisation, stanchion bases and rock fences. Rock bolts are also used in structural repairs on retaining walls, bridge spandrel walls and tunnels.

In the tunneling industry, they are used for horizontal fore-poling, slope stabilisation at the tunnel portal and for anchoring large section tunnels with high side walls.

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