Project Challenges and Background

A Dubai building had undergone some structural movement within the basement, leading to cracked columns, walls and slabs. Water had penetrated through cracks in the basement slab and walls. The building is located in Deira, approximately 500m from the creek. The structure was built in 2007 and consisted of 8 stories and two basements.

An assessment of the building was carried out and the consulting engineer compiled a detailed design to enhance the stability of the structure, which involved a combination of grouting and micropiling.

The issue was that the micropiles and tube a manchette steel grouting tubes needed to be installed in a basement area, subject to a high water table. This could have been achieved with temporary dewatering. However this was not the preferred option owing to the location of a nearby underground metro station.

The TITAN Preventer System was specified and employed to install the micropiles instead of temporarily dewatering the site. The Preventer allowed the successful installation of over 300 self-drilling micropiles and 580 Tube a manchette steel grouting tubes and further soil tests. The micropiling was carried out at a level of -4.45m (ground water at -1.45m) without the need to temporary dewatering.

TITAN Preventer is a valve system which is connected to a compressor via an air line. The system is operated by opening and closing the rubber insert, by applying air pressure to inflate (close) or deflate (open) the rubber insert. When the rubber insert is in the closed position, it restricts the ingress of water, whilst pressing tight against the micropile, allowing the installation and grouting to be completed.

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