Ischebeck TITAN Geotechnical Engineering

Driven by a passion for quality, performance, and innovation, Ishchebeck TITAN Ground Engineering supply cost-effective geotechnical solutions, designed specifically for the construction and civil engineering sectors. The TITAN self-drilling anchor and micropile system is a flexible solution designed for use on sites with restricted access and difficult ground conditions.

Using minimal plant and equipment, our systems provide a high-quality level of performance and productivity compared to alternative options, reducing overall project cost and programme.


All of our products are certified, and can give a service life of 100 years plus. Complying fully with EN and British standards.

Superior Quality

All of our products are manufactured using the highest quality steel, complying with BS10210.

Corrosion Protection

We supply the only hollow bars that are able to provide permanent protection using grout encapsulation* which has been proven and tested.

Restrictive Access

Installation can be carried out in areas of limited access using lighter weight plant and equipment than other alternatives.

TITAN Bar Selection