New Bars Now Available

Ischebeck Titan Geotechnical Engineering are pleased to announce the development of two new bars to complement their already incredible range. The first is a 40/27 bar that sits in the 40mm range. Having a character resistance Rk (5% fractile) 325Kn this is a superb addition and will give even more flexibility to designers when looking at a hollow bar solution in application such as tension micropiles and soil nails.

The second bar fits in the higher capacity bar range and is a 103/72. This bar, will be typically utilised in tension micropile applications. This bar has a character resistance Rk (5% fractile) of 2125Kn and again will give a different option when designing any micropile solution.

These new and exclusive hollow bars comply fully with EN10210 and like all Ischebeck hollow bars, will give a working life of >100 years