Hollow Bar Excavation

We recently had an exciting opportunity to take possession of some Ischebeck bars that had been exhumed on a site associated with HS2. The bars are 30/11 EPOXY coated and were installed ~2002 as part of a previous Network Rail slope stabilisation scheme.

Upon excavation and visual inspection, Dr Keith Nicholls a Network Rail Senior Project Engineer commented “The ones I saw were in remarkable condition, considering they had been in the ground for [>]19 years”.

The image shows the bar being carefully excavated and on its way to our parent company in Germany, to be used in exhibitions and conferences, to show that there has been no corrosion, even after 19 years!

Ischebeck TITANs John Thompson, area engineer for Southern and Eastern UK said, “This is great to see these bars in near perfect condition. When you want quality without the risk of corrosion, Ischebeck TITAN UK offers that with our hollow bar range. First time with no confusion."